USG 2D Digital B/W - Zoncare i50

Outstanding Performance Innovation Experience

Zoncare i50 is a portable 2D ultrasound with a compact and lightweight design weighing only 6.5 kg, making it very easy for mobility. With 2 active probes and support for convex transducers, linear and transvaginal and also coming with New Upgrade : Push Wave System

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USG 2D/3D Digital Color Doppler - Zoncare M5

First Choice of High Efficient Portable Ultrasound System

Switching from a Black & White system to a highly efficient Color Doppler system has now been made easier and simpler than ever before, making it possible to reach beyond boundaries and transcend the ordinary when it comes to patient care.

M5 is a brilliant choice for those who require high-quality image performance, ease of mobility, as well as affordability when it comes to advanced

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USG 3D/4D Full Digital Color Doppler - Zoncare N7

Dedicated to Premium Performance of Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Zoncare N7 is a mobile 3D / 4D ultrasound color doppler equipped with more complete and sophisticated features and multiple imaging modes. With 4 active probes and support for transducers connector 

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